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13% -

A lucky number for gourmets

The menu in the display sounds delicious: „Moroccan couscous with beef (organic) & vegetable with mint yogurt“ or „Carpaccio of eggplant with parmesan, almonds & truffle oil“ or an „African salad with sweet potato, pineapple & avocado with peanut dressing“ and for dessert „Home made chocolate cake with toffee“.


Walking down the two steps you come in a very cosy place: Friendly colours, dimmed illumination, banks with cushions, easy going and confortable and – last but not least – the cool music in the background, all that makes you feel at ease.


Then you find yourself in front of the big wine rack, with 120 different wines. You can’t decide? Don’t worry, the staff will help you to find the wine you need. Just enjoy, but be careful not to miss your return flight.

13% vinos tapas bistro

Calle San Feliu 13a,
07012 Palma de Mallorca / Spain,

Phone/Fax +34 971 42 51 87




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