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Wine by Wine

On a green wooden rack hanging from the high ceiling are presented 120 different wines from all over Spain. Wines with fame next to unknown insider tips. 120 characters. From classical Riojas to treasures from the Ribera del Duero, from fullbodied Bierzo wines to the famous white wines from Galicia, and last but not least the great variety from the mediterranean cost - from the elegant catalans to the powerful wines from Valencia. But one third of the rack is reserved for the Majorcan wines. Whithin only a few years the island became a small but very apreciated wine region with a surprising variety. Not only due to the perfect clima, but also thanks to a new generation of innovative wine makers. And therefore also our wine bodega is always in process; our range is not written on a wine list, but presented, wine by wine, to be seen, touched and tasted. By the way: All the wines can be purchased also to take away.

13% vinos tapas bistro

Calle San Feliu 13a,
07012 Palma de Mallorca / Spain,

Phone/Fax +34 971 42 51 87




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